Fundraiser / Donations

Sponsorship/Fundraising Volunteer

Volunteers on our Fundraising team will be responsible for all things relating to generating funding for the programs of the London Community Resource Centre (LCRC). This would include: 

Sponsorships: establishing connections with businesses/companies with interests that align with LCRC’s mission, and secure sponsorships for our Grow Cook Learn program, our Community Garden, and other projects of LCRC. 

Annual Fundraiser Volunteer

Magisterra Volunteer positions are designed to help facilitate and carry out day-to-day tasks that will help maintain all current, on-going, and future projects of the organization.  They have been designed in such a way that they will eventually become committees, allowing for like minded individuals to work on projects that cater to their strengths and interests.  All committees will take direction from, and report to the Booking Coordinator.  Interested parties are welcome to request working as an individual, or to be paired up with other volunteers to carry out specific tasks. 

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