Consulting and Advisory Services

Accelerating Community Change

Pillar Consulting & Advisory Services brings expertise and innovation to your nonprofit organization.  

Achieve your short and long term goals with our high-quality and cost-effective services that build capacity, foster collaboration, and spur social innovation.

Engage Pillar Consulting & Advisory Services to lead your next initiative or project and expect a client-centred, collaborative experience that will achieve results.

Our specialized value offering sees our clients:

  • Adopt an expanded perspective related to social change and discover solutions that go beyond the immediate challenges facing your organization
  • Leverage Pillar Nonprofit Network's expert knowledge and network in the local, provincial and national nonprofit sector
  • Access a diverse team of talented, experienced consultants who will meet your unique needs from the Pillar Consulting & Advisory Service Team and our Community of Practice

Pillar has outstanding knowledge about the nonprofit sector in our community.  We can leverage this experience to benefit your organization. 

  • Board Governance
  • Strategy Development
  • Business Planning
  • Collaborations
  • Social Enterprise Development

Pillar Consulting & Advisory Services seeks to be the place nonprofit organizations go to be connected with the people who can help them discover the solutions to their most difficult challenges.

We are building a Community of Practice to broaden our community impact and to model the benefits of collaboration. We desire to be an instrument of change much larger than ourselves by engaging in conversations and partnerships that will attract exceptional opportunities, deliver rich results and foster growth for everyone involved.

We are creating this Community of Practice by inviting a select group of independent practitioners (“associates”) who bring a committed, client-centred and creative approach to their work and leadership.

We seek to engage the Community of Practice in two ways:

To facilitate a forum where associates can connect and dialogue with their peers, engaging in conversations related to the consulting work they do in the nonprofit sector. We hope to strengthen the network among associates, facilitate the sharing of information among associates, and support dialogue about the trends and opportunities that exist in the nonprofit sector.

To invite our associates to participate in consulting projects where their skills and experience are a best fit match with client needs.

Meet the Consulting and Advisory Team


Contact Albert Brulé, Director, Resource & Business Development, to learn more about our custom solutions.

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Whether you're looking for volunteer opportunities,
networking events or a job in the nonprofit sector, we can help.