All About Boards: Building Board Capacity for Managing Change 2018


This workshop is part of a 4 part series called All About Boards. For more information and to register for the entire series please click here.

In the last year, we have seen a lot of change in senior leadership in the nonprofit sector. How do Boards position themselves to manage these transitions well in order to maintain the quality of work of the organization?

In this session we will discuss how Boards develop best practices to be ready for change. For example, what are the things we must do as a Board so that we are prepared to effectively manage change when it happens from a governance perspective?

The goal is that a Board should proactively prepare for change and aim not to be caught in a reactive position. In order to be ready, Boards must:

  • Practice strategic, fiduciary and generative governance – having solid practices for the key roles of a board
  • Develop effective performance practices for the Executive Director/CEO as well as Board Self-Evaluation
  • Ensure a strong succession plan in place for the Directors and Senior Leadership
  • Assess the impact of change and prepare to govern through the change 

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Target Audience: Board Members, Executive Directors, board support staff  and those interested in learning about becoming a volunteer board member

About the presenters:

Maria Sánchez-Keane is the Principal Consultant for the Centre for Organizational Effectiveness, an organization focused on assisting non-profit and public organizations in the areas of strategy, capacity building and evaluation. She has worked within health, public health, child welfare, children’s mental health, education and community health sectors.  By her work she aims to improve the health and well-being of people, particularly those most vulnerable and marginalized in society, through organizational, community and systems improvements and change.

Due to the varied groups with which Maria has worked, she brings with her an extensive facilitative background with a long list of varied approaches to working with communities and organizations, including approaches such as appreciative inquiry, gaps analysis, community development, comparative analysis and risk assessments. Maria’s business approach is marked by the philosophy of creating working communities which are empowered to generate and implement strong strategic solutions.

Dharshi Lacey is the Diversity & Governance Manager at Pillar Nonprofit Network. She has worked as a Diversity Consultant assisting nonprofit boards assess their organization’s cultural competency and develop action plans to develop more inclusive practices within their board recruitment, board policy, strategic planning and Executive Director accountabilities. In her current role with Pillar she is implementing the DiverseCity onBoard program designed to connect qualified visible minority and under-represented immigrants to agencies, boards, and commissions in the public and nonprofit sectors.

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