Annual Community Connector 2021


Pillar Nonprofit Network invites our members, supporters and the community to our Annual Community Connector on April 21. 

Future Weaving: A Shared Vision For Our Community

In the past we have referred to this event as our Annual General Meeting. Upon reflection we realized that this event is more than just a meeting but a chance for our network to come together, to share our impact and network with our community. Join us for an update on Pillar’s impact in 2020, welcome the new Executive Director Mojdeh Cox, celebrate Michelle Baldwin, and explore Pillar’s 2021-2023 Strategic Plan followed by the opportunity to connect with our network virtually while sharing our hopes for the future.

As Pillar Nonprofit Network celebrates our 20th anniversary we want you to imagine the future state of our community -  20 years from now. What do we want it to look like? And how are we going to commit to creating that vision? During the Annual Community Connector, we invite attendees to partake in a future thinking exercise and share their vision for the sector to help get us all thinking about shifts we can make towards the future we all want to see.

Future thinking allows us to reflect on our history while offering ways of addressing the future; it helps shape plans and actions for what needs to change. Informed by an abundance mindset, this exercise illuminates the ways that actions, strategies and policy can promote desirable futures and help prevent those we consider less desirable. It informs decision-making, strengthens leadership, stimulates strategic dialogue, and shows us not only what is plausible and possible but what must come to be. 

The future is calling. Are we going to see it, declare it and commit to action?  

Agenda - April 21, 2021

3:00-3:10 Welcome 

3:10-3:50 Formal Meeting 

3:50-5:00 Future Weaving Activity 

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone is welcome to attend, however registration is required.. 

Voting Details - Who Can Vote? 

A reminder that voting members include Nonprofit organization members and current/past directors who have current memberships. All other individual members are not voting members. 

As per our bylaws only one vote per nonprofit organization member is allowed. 

  • Each member organization only gets one vote 

  • Each current/past director gets only one vote

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