To B or Not to B: Emergence of B Corps in London Featuring Ellipsis Digital

Innovation Works, TechAlliance, Pillar Nonprofit Network, VERGE Capital, in collaboration with B Lab & Ellipsis Digital/Engine 74 present...

To B or Not To B (#2Bornot2B)

A growing number of entrepreneurs see advantage in having their impact certified.  

Certification organizations, like B Lab, verify impact and the use of responsible business practice for companies, providing a seal of excellence that can help motivate employees, provide transparency to stakeholders, and send a proactive message to customers. 

There are more than 1,600 ‘B Corps’ around the world, including notable companies, such as Ben & Jerry’s, Kickstarter,, Etsy and Patagonia.

A coming out party for B Corp in London Ontario, To B or Not To B celebrates a new generation of entrepreneurs.   At this event, we will:

  • Share how B Corp certification works with Joyce Sou, Director of B Lab Canada
  • Explore benefits of the certification for companies
  • Hear stories from currently certified companies, featuring Ellipsis Digital & Engine 74
  • Discuss local interest in B Corp and other ways to value good business practices

The event will feature a talk on B Corporations by B Lab followed by a presentation from Rachel Berdan, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Sales at Ellipsis Digital who recently became one of London’s first certified B Corps.  Rachel will speak about Ellipsis Digital’s journey to becoming a B Corp and how the B Corp mission has shaped their corporate culture and employee engagement.

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