Build your Best Board

Great boards aren’t created overnight.
The board building process involves careful recruitment, focused orientation, ongoing training and a process for dealing with poorly performing directors. At a time when people are busier and boards are under increasing scrutiny, it can be difficult to find and retain the right board members to lead your organization.

This first half of this workshop led by Nathan Garber, of Garber Consulting will help you plan a board development strategy.

·    How to find and keep the best board members
·    Serving a diverse community: the role of the board
·    Where to find potential board members
·    How to attract and recruit them to your board
·    Planning and delivering board orientation and development programs
·    How to keep board members engaged and build their commitment
·    What to do about problematic board members and how to build your team
·    What bylaws, policies, and practices do you need to support board building

For the last hour, Dharshi Lacey from the London Intercommunity Health Centre will be speaking about Board Diversity.

 To move from where we are today toward developing truly equitable organizations, we need to build solid plans with commitment to its implementation. Strategies need to be developed to assess an organizations current levels of understanding and competency to be able to develop a comprehensive plan that includes all of the steps to achieve your vision balanced with enough focus to do your work very well, recognizing that building a truly diverse organization is a process and therefore we may not know all that it might take from the beginning. This one hour session will provide you with a guide to processes that could be used to begin this work within organizations.

About the facilitators:
Nathan Garber is a consultant and trainer specializing in governance and planning for nonprofit organizations. He brings to this work more than 40 years of experience in and with nonprofit organizations including long service as both a board member and an executive director.

An immigrant from Sri Lanka Dharshi Lacey holds a B.A. in Business and Economics. She has over 20 years experience working in the London community facilitating the integration of immigrants. This work has included developing and delivering employment programs, assisting non-profit organizations develop ethno-cultural competency and the development and delivery of cultural competency training.

Generously supported by the City of London    

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