Commitment To Equity and Inclusion During Covid-19

The events of the past few weeks have ushered in a deep sense of alarm and uncertainty. In the face of these fears, fostering a sense of safety and belonging begins with supporting each other, especially those in our community who are facing bias, discrimination, and attacks based on their identity. 

Equity and inclusion is a commitment that must be applied to all of our work during this pandemic. We know that vulnerable communities are affected by COVID-19 disproportionately. What are we doing to ensure that these communities are being supported during this time? 

And as we scenario plan for a post-COVID time, how do nonprofits ensure that equity and inclusion work does not become a “luxury we can’t afford”? We don’t have all the answers, but we do know that we want to have this conversation together to learn, share and commit to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Join Eaman Fahmy, Jasmine Ball and Dharshi Lacey of Pillar Nonprofit Network to explore your commitments. 

Questions to explore:

  • How is information being communicated with vulnerable populations, including consideration for people with limited or no internet access and/or not fluent in English?

  • Are vulnerable populations in your circle at risk of xenophobia, racism, ableism and/or ageism? If so, what are the different approaches and tools that are needed?

  • How do we ensure that our work on equity and inclusion does not get put on hold until this crisis is over?


  • In order to have more online meaningful engagement this webinar will be capped at 45 participants. We would like participants to take part in breakout groups and have the opportunity to discuss and learn from others. 
  • This webinar will not be recorded.


Dharshi Lacey is the Director, Diversity & Governance at Pillar Nonprofit Network. She has worked as a Diversity Consultant assisting nonprofit boards assess their organization’s cultural competency and develop action plans to develop more inclusive practices within their board recruitment, board policy, strategic planning and Executive Director accountabilities. In her current role with Pillar she leads board governance and equity and inclusion training through our learning and development program, as well as with Pillar's Impact Consulting. 

Jasmine Ball has led conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion as a facilitator of Anti-Oppressive Practice Training for student leaders at Western University. She guided students as an Alternative Spring Break team leader, in engaging ethically with a host community while participating in an international experiential learning program. As an engaged citizen, she also contributed to London's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, speaking to the marginalization of visible minorities and people living in poverty.  

Eaman Fahmy is the Inclusive Program Designer at Pillar Nonprofit Network. She has developed, coordinated and led sessions on the misconceptions of Islam, Islamophobia, and its impact. She has also developed and delivered training on anti-oppression, equity and inclusion for the nonprofit sector. She believes in coalition building and allyship to fight all forms of hate. 

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