Crucial Conversations - Summer 2020


Crucial Conversations ® Training will take place using a blended learning model, including both online webinars with the presenter and work to be completed on your own time. 

Tools for Talking When Stakes are High. Crucial Conversations Training teaches skills for communicating when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong.

Participants learn the dialogue skills demonstrated by top performers—skills that help you talk with anyone about anything to reach alignment and agreement on important matters.

These skills turn in to behaviours that improve decision making, commitment to action, productivity, and relationships.

Consistent behaviours lead to organizations, teams, and individuals developing high-performance cultures based on trust and respect.

Target Audience: Anyone interested in learning skills for high stakes interactions. 

****Only members of Pillar Nonprofit Network can attend (due to specific licensing permissions). Members include paid staff, volunteers and board members of our member organizations. You can see a list of our members here. Interested in becoming a member? Membership is available to nonprofits, businesses and individuals. Learn more here, and if you have any questions about membership, please get in touch with


Kick Off - July 13 from 9:00 - 10:30 am 

  • Wendy Arnott and group - Course outline and introduction to concepts

Independent Work - 1 week - 8-10 hours

  • Complete the course on your own time online using the Vital Smarts learning dashboard
  • Email the presenter with any questions or support you may need

Wrap up - July 20 from 9:00 - 10:30 am 

  • With Wendy Arnott and group - debrief, Q & A and application 

Check in - Aug 10 from 9-10 (optional for participants)

  • With Wendy Arnott and group - Opportunity to ask any questions about implementing concepts 


  • Both the expertise of a Trained Master Trainer and the flexibility to work on your own 
  • Download the Online Reference Guide
  • Free Ebook Crucial Conversations 
  • 12-months access to Crucial Conversations Online on-demand course - go back any time over the next year to watch videos and re-read content 
  • Skill for what you are currently facing and what is yet to come 
  • This course is greatly reduced in price compared to other locations


An international consultant and thought leader in culture change, Wendy Arnott is set apart by her ability to integrate her varied professional experiences into training and the VitalSmarts materials, adding value for the participants. She has helped design and develop large organizational cultural change, impacting over ten thousand employees. 

Wendy inspires change by meeting people where they are at and engaging to help participants elevate their current practice. She does this in a way that is knowledgeable, safe, and fun. Participants experience the sense that they are adding to the knowledge they brought to the training so they can make their next improvement. She is comfortable doing this with all manner of audiences, across industries and levels of responsibility. She takes concerns seriously and holds them lightly as she partners with people to find sound, workable, practical behavioral improvements—through training or in speeches/presentations.  

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