Crucial Conversations - Summer 2021

The way we communicate with others is paramount to our relationships. When we don’t get the results we want, it may be because an important conversation either hasn’t happened or hasn’t been handled well. Sometimes, our success can be determined by how quickly, directly, and effectively we speak up when it matters most. Crucial Conversations training helps individuals and organizations improve relationships and results. 

Backed by thirty years of social science research, Crucial Conversations skills represent the standard in effective communication and the marker of high-performance individuals and organizations everywhere. In this session you will learn how to: 

Learn how to make even the riskiest topics safe for discussion. When people feel psychologically safe, they share meaningful input on important matters.

Acquire the skills to talk to anyone about almost anything. Learn how to be persuasive, not abrasive, when stakes are high and opinions vary.

Instead of clamming up or blowing up, learn how to turn disagreement into dialogue and conflict into collaboration.

Want to learn more? 
Download the course overview to discover how Crucial Conversations helps individuals and organizations improve relationships and results.

NOTE: The Crucial Conversations training being offered by Pillar will take place using a blended learning model, including both online in-person events with the presenter and work to be completed on your own time. 

Pillar members who wants to learn more about effective communication in order to improve relationships and results. 

*Only members of Pillar Nonprofit Network can attend (due to specific licensing permissions). Members include paid staff, volunteers and board members of our member organizations. You can see a list of our members here. Interested in becoming a member? Membership is available to nonprofits, businesses and individuals. Learn more here, and if you have any questions about membership, please get in touch with




Kick Off - July 5 from 9:00 - 10:30 am 

  • Wendy Arnott and group - Course outline and introduction to concepts

Independent Work - 1 week - 4-5 hours 

  • Complete 50% of the course on your own time online using the Vital Smarts learning dashboard

  • Email the presenter with any questions or support you may need

Check In/Practice - July 12 from 9:00 - 10:30 am 

  • With Wendy Arnott and group - debrief, Q & A and an opportunity to practice some of the skills in pairs/small groups  

Independent Work - 1 week - 4-5 hours 

  • Complete the remaining 50% of the course on your own time online using the Vital Smarts learning dashboard

  • Email the presenter with any questions or support you may need

Wrap Up - July 19 from 9-10:30 

  • With Wendy Arnott and group - Opportunity to ask any questions about implementing concepts 




  • Both the expertise of a Trained Master Trainer and the flexibility to work on your own 

  • 9 week post training support program delivering weekly tips to your email inbox (optional)

  • Free Ebook Crucial Conversations 

  • 12-months access to Crucial Conversations Online on-demand course - go back any time over the next year to watch videos and re-read content 

  • Skill for what you are currently facing and what is yet to come 

  • This course is greatly reduced in price compared to other locations


Wendy Arnott (pronounced like “Darnit”)  is a VitalSmarts-certified Master Trainer and has been for almost 10 years. She recently also became one of 4 Senior Consultants with Vitalsmarts - and the only Canadian - who was selected to work alongside Joseph Grenny & David Maxfield on a project connected to the global pandemic. 

In her capacity as a Master Trainer, Wendy has had the privilege of leading people through VitalSmarts award-winning training programs – mostly in North America - both virtually and in-person.  This work has spanned numerous fields - health care, technology, education, government.  She has had the pleasure of observing the interaction of this training material - with corporate cultures through employees who lead from all locations in their workplaces. 

Wendy’s passion is to foster system transformation and innovation using partnership, personal leadership, and dialogic organizational development (OD) lenses for strategic imperatives that matter – often connected to some form of safe, inclusive community.  She incorporates what she has learned from Vitalsmarts with her nursing & legal backgrounds, her 20+ years in OD,  her formal leadership roles – and her lifelong personal journey with transformational change -  to help craft practical, evidence-based approaches to build on what’s working and make things better.  

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