Extinction Rebellion Orientation Session

Wondering what Extinction Rebellion is all about? Hoping to find out how to get involved? This is a crash course on the movement's origins and impacts in the UK, its demands and principles, how XR is structured, and how you can join a working group or start your own affinity group and leap into action immediately.
The London, Ontario XR group is quite new and we just starting to get it off the ground. We need committed rebels to join us! We are learning a lot from the experience of the Toronto group and other local and international groups. Are you ready to step up?
This orientation starts from the assumption that:
1) You know that climate change is an existential crisis and
2) You are open to the idea that non-violent civil disobedience is an effective means to achieve political change.
If you aren't at that point, we recommend that you either:
a) Come to the "Heading for Extinction and what to do about it" talk at Reimagine Co on December 3rd. More details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/444704389563561
b) Alternatively, watch this 1-hr talk on Youtube: https://youtu.be/b2VkC4SnwY0
If you haven't already done so, join the London group's Facebook group, as this is the main platform for communnication currently: https://www.facebook.com/groups/xrldnont/
Read more about the global organization here: https://rebellion.earth/the-truth/about-us/

Whether you're looking for volunteer opportunities,
networking events or a job in the nonprofit sector, we can help.