Harness Your Web Analytics to Improve Online Results

Are you getting everything you can out of your Google Analytics and other online insights? Do you find the volume of data confusing and overwhelming?

There is more data available now than ever before about the people you engage with online and their needs, behavior, and decisions. The challenge is learning how to interpret the data so you can identify and implement meaningful changes in your online participation strategies.

In this workshop, we’ll dig in and explore ways to use your Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Twitter Analytics to gather meaningful data, analyze it, and use it to enhance your website and social media performance.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Which standard reports are the most significant and how to interpret them 
  • How to analyze web and other digital metrics 
  • How to use the data to formulate actionable insights to enhance user experience and drive more people to your site and information

Workshop Pre-requisites:

  • Google Analytics account (with at least 1 month of data to review) 
  • A Facebook Page with access to Facebook Insights (30 Fans) 
  • Twitter Analytics account (ads.twitter.com) 
  • A laptop to access your online analytics accounts 

*If your website doesn’t currently have Google Analytics but you’d like the opportunity to add it to your website please let us know and we’ll see if we can help. Email Susannah education@pillarnonprofit.ca or call 519-433-7876

Target Audience: Marketing and Communications staff or anyone wanting to learn more about web analytics

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

About the Presenter:
Geoff Evans is an international speaker, columnist for Advocis’ Forum magazine, and part-time professor in the faculty of Arts, Media & Design at Fanshawe College. Geoff spent fifteen years in the financial services industry as a financial advisor, trainer and business coach with companies that include Clarica, Sun Life and London Life/Freedom 55.

Geoff spends a lot of time his spare time supporting non profit organizations through his company Social Media Coach and he’s thrilled to be back with the Pillar Nonprofit Network community!

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