JA Company Program for High School Students

Open to all high school students (grades 9 and above), the JA Company Program provides a firsthand experience in business and entrepreneurship. Participants are placed in a team of 15-20 other students from various schools and benefit from the guidance of volunteers from the business community as they work to create and manage a real business venture. Students will develop a product or service idea, define a target market, build a complete business plan, elect a team of managers, and operate the business with the goal of making a profit. JA companies liquidate at the program end and students compete for local and national individual and company awards and scholarhips.

Students choose one night of the week (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) to commit to for the 18 weekly program sessions which run from Oct. 22, 2018 - April 3, 2019.

Thanks to the support of JA's generous community and corporate donors and volunteers, the program is free to all participants. Capital to start a JA Company is raised through the sale of ~$10 shares. Each student owns a share and a piece of the profit should their company make money. JA Company Program is a minimal risk way for youth to experience business and entrepreneurship and a tremendous opportunity to learn by doing and sometimes by making mistakes. 

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