Living With Happiness In Rwanda | #HappinessOutOfConflict

BPW London Speaker Series
Awareness Starts With Us:
Improving the Lives of Girls and Women 

Living With Happiness In Rwanda | #HappinessOutOfConflict

Mary Beth Bezzina, BPW London Membership Chair, will be speaking about her work in Rwanda with Living With Happiness, an organization that supports the mental health, human rights and income generation of women and families that have experienced wide-scale war and genocide. How you volunteer internationally and help families reunite and grow after such an experience of violence should be a wonderful lesson for all of us.

RSVP Required by Noon, Thursday, March 14, 2019 to Please advise of any dietary restrictions when RSVP'ing.

Dinner: Casual Food Stations and Dessert/Fruit: $30 members; $35 non-members.

Evening is sponsored by  Benilde AguiarEBA Concrete Services Ltd.

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