Media Training 101: Message, Delivery and Timing

Speaking to the media is a much different skill than any other type of public speaking. A media interview is unlike any other conversation you have in your daily life where you have absolutely no control over the context of how your words will be presented to the final audience.

How do you gain CONTROL during an interview and get the exact messages you want in the piece? You can get the right message delivered by learning messaging, answer techniques and sound bite creation.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Work with journalists and understand each other’s roles and objectives 
  • Perform both pro-active and reactive Media Relations 
  • Get your story told by others and tell your story on your own
  • Storytelling for various media platforms
  • Craft both pro-active and responsive Messages
  • Understand and refine spokesperson techniques and considerations

At the end of the workshop, participants will get a chance to practice what they have learned through a role-play activity.

Target Audience: Anyone who is a spokesperson or ambassador to your nonprofit including Executive Directors, board members and/or staff responsible for marketing and communications

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

About the presenter: Keith Marnoch, Director of Media Relations, Western University

In his role as Media and Community Relations Director at Western, Keith oversees a staff of four: two front-line, central media relations officers, an internal-campus communications specialist, and a community relations specialist. The team also shares in the resources of a media relations staffer in Western’s medical school as well as a communication lead in the varsity sports and athletics department.

Western’s media team deals with between 1800 – 2000 media requests and produces about 200 media releases / outreaches on an annual basis. This work is done in conjunction with the social media team, which is under the direction of the marketing and creative services unit, led by Terry Rice.  Most faculties on campus have at least one communications staffer available to work with on specific initiatives, when required.  

Keith has been with Western since 2011. He was previously Associate Director of Media Relations at York University in Toronto and holds a Broadcast Journalism degree from Ryerson University. Keith has worked as a communications lead in a variety of sectors; including national media, government/politics, healthcare, amateur/professional sports, and education. 

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