Nonprofit Law for Unincorporated Groups

Are you a grassroots group or individual thinking about incorporating as a nonprofit? Just like anything worthwhile, starting a nonprofit requires critical thinking, commitment, patience, and a lot of hard work. You might also decide that incorporation is not for you. 

In this session, Benjamin Miller, a staff lawyer at Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) will:

  • Walk you through some of the rules that apply to unincorporated groups

  • Introduce you to different legal structures and statuses along with their pros and cons

  • Take you through the steps to incorporate if that's the path you choose

TARGET AUDIENCE: Individuals and/or groups located in Ontario that are NOT incorporated and want to learn more about incorporation and/or other avenues

NOTE: This webinar will be recorded. 


Benjamin Miller (he/him) is a staff lawyer on the Nonprofit Law Ontario project of Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) where he focused on nonprofit and charity law and policy. Over the past 4 years at CLEO, Benjamin has answered hundreds of nonprofit law questions and developed an online interactive bylaw builder for the ONCA. Benjamin also works at the Ontario Nonprofit Network and has worked at the Canada Revenue Agency in the past. Benjamin holds a JD and MPP from the University of Toronto and an MA in political theory from the University of Ottawa.




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