Policy Conversation: Beyond the Talk and Getting to Action

In response to Policy Conversation: Navigating the New Economic Realities on June 18, we learned that our community is interested to learn more and further the conversation with regards to policy.

Policy impacts everything around us. Government policies have innumerable effects on living conditions, influencing everything from funding levels to the programs and services that are made available to our communities. Providing front line services gives nonprofits an advantage in policy conversations: through our organizations, Canadians communicate their values, hopes and ideals and, in turn, we act as an organized expression of these civic desires.

Join us for this informal conversation with Michelle Baldwin, Pillar Nonprofit Network’s Executive Director.

At this discussion, there will be an opportunity to:

  • Hear and learn Michelle’s Top 10 Takeaways & Actions from Maytree Policy School 
  • Think about how to develop your capacity to engage effectively in public policy 
  • Consider how government works and how it is changing
  • Engage in shared learning with others in our community

The Maytree Foundation believes that “when the nonprofit sector engages in shaping public policy, we end up with better decisions, better laws, and better programs.”

TARGET AUDIENCE: Everyone is welcome to attend. This is an especially important conversation for executive directors, managers and board members

NOTE: We are hosting a 3rd conversation on September 30 - Policy Conversation: Future Forward Thinking -learn more HERE

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