#policytalk - June 2020

Public policy touches on every aspect of private and public life, and in our sector we know policy can lead to drastic changes in quality of life ─ for better or for worse. That's why strengthening our understanding of how to engage in public policy discourse and advance the issues we care about is vital to our work.

Let’s talk policy together.

Join us for informal conversations about advocacy and public policy with Michelle Baldwin, Pillar Nonprofit Network’s Executive Director ─ #policytalk

These conversations are an opportunity for the community to come together and learn from the wisdom in the room. 

TARGET AUDIENCE: Everyone is welcome to attend. This is an especially important conversation for executive directors, managers and board members to engage in.

Feel free to join us for all of the talks or just one. 

No fee to attend, however please RSVP.


Pillar hosted three policy conversations in June, August and September of 2019 (click on each conversation to read a follow up report):

 In our ongoing effort to support our community around policy awareness, we would like to continue these conversations. As a community, we need to be future forward thinkers and actively engage in public policy. 

If you want to keep the conversation going and are a member of Pillar join us in Pillar's Digital Online Community

  • Check out our members here (if you work or volunteer with a member organization you count as a member)

  • Use the tag #policytalk to ask questions related to public policy and share successes or challenges related to your policy work

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