Storytelling in the Digital Age for Nonprofit Marketers

Great brands are built on the power of the stories they tell – and more importantly, the stories that their audience tell to others.

Technology is evolving the way we tell and share our brand stories. It has allowed us to embrace and evolve storytelling and connect with individuals on a personal level through a shared content experience. This is especially significant for nonprofit organizations as a cost-effective way to tell a story that resonates with their audience.

Storytelling in the digital age has its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. Great, compelling and shareable stories are authentic, engaging and accessible. These kinds of stories don’t happen by accident. A clear focus and, most importantly, process are needed to generate authentic brand stories. Strategy, research, editorial, design, social and more need to work together to create content that supports the storytelling mission of the brand.

Getting the right content in front of the right person at the right time in the right way is a big challenge. Missing any one of those targets means that your brand story doesn’t get across effectively.

In this session, nonprofit marketers will learn:

  • The elements that make up the foundation of a good content strategy.
  • How to create and deploy an engaging digital and social media storytelling campaign.
  • How to build a storytelling culture/practice within and outside the organization to develop brand champions and steward your mission/vision/values.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Target Audience: Executive Directors, board members and/or marketing/ public relations staff who want to do a better job telling the story of their nonprofit

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About the presenter:
Anna Foat wants to live in a world where small to medium businesses become larger through successful commercialization so they start changing the status quo!

As an industry expert on sales, marketing and partnerships she joined Blackberry in 1999 when the company hovered at 200 employees. She left in 2011 when it had grown to over 16,000 employees across the globe. IBM scooped her as a mobility subject matter expert and put her in the role of Worldwide Managing Editor of the MobileFirst Platform leading content digital marketing strategy, until she could be a corporate ghost no more!

She launched Big Dog Sales Consulting to help companies that had big aspirations grow with all the lessons learned through hyper fast growth and enterprise expertise. Her interactive workshops and consulting practice launched in 2015. You can contact her and read her frequent musings on the topics of sales and tech at

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When she’s not hustling for the next deal or talking to entrepreneurs you can find her either sipping wine with friends or locked in a hot yoga class trying to find that elusive balance.

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