Strategic Financial Planning for Nonprofits & Social Enterprises

Healthy organizations employ financial management practices that build stability and flexibility, both today and in the future. Nonprofit and social enterprises impact communities and individuals by delivering services, providing advocacy and building community. Behind the scenes, powerful missions, innovative programs and passionate staff and volunteers need to be supported by strong financial activities and decisions. 

A viable financial management strategy needs to address a vision for the future and  incorporate an understanding of the past and present positions of the organization. This online workshop will help participants with intermediate financial management skills develop a well-designed budget process that facilitates programmatic, strategic and fiscal discussions among the leadership team, resulting in a mission-driven budget.

Participants will learn how to take their budgeting process to the next level, gaining a firm grasp of technical and philosophical best practices regarding the nuts-and-bolts of nonprofit budgeting in a changing environment. 

Key concepts covered:

  • Understanding financial reporting and related concepts 

  • Defining financial goals and objectives in the budgeting process

  • Implementing a comprehensive and inclusive financial planning process

  • Identifying, allocating and building indirect costs into program budgets to understand the real costs of program delivery

  • Incorporating cash flow projections in the annual budgeting process

  • Understanding and leveraging digital tools

LEVEL: Intermediate

TARGET AUDIENCE: Executive Directors, board members, program managers and/or anyone wanting to learn best known ways of effective financial planning for nonprofits and social enterprises. 


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Dipesh Parmar, CPA, CA
Partner, PwC Canada

Dipesh is a Partner with PwC Canada and works very closely with nonprofit organizations on their financial reporting and audit needs. Dipesh has also served on many nonprofit organization Board of Directors and currently serves as a director with the London Chamber of Commerce and is the past Treasurer and Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee of Pillar Nonprofit Network.

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