Transformational Leadership: Leading From the Inside Out


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We run a Transformational Leadership series every year from March - June.

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Given the range of disruptive forces unleashed by the global pandemic, the need for effective leadership has risen to the forefront. Amidst this challenging landscape, leaders are being called upon in new ways to create and sustain a positive  environment that enables staff, volunteers and community to sustain their commitments and refine their skills.

Where do you go to cultivate your ability to act with empathy, passion and creativity and renew your commitment toward your organization’s mission and the greater social good? 

It’s no secret that how we understand leadership has evolved and continues to expand as we learn and adapt in our ever-changing world. Authenticity, vulnerability and courage are often used to describe the greatest examples of leadership and yet, we tend to not dedicate enough time to grow these qualities within ourselves. Before a leader can effectively inspire others, they must cultivate their understanding of who they are and who they want to be as a leader. The Transformational Leadership program starts with this goal in mind.

This series is composed of 5 parts and uses these tactics for learning:

  • Interactive exercises, practical tools and a little bit of play 

  • Large group sessions, small group sessions and personal reflection

  • Teaching and discussion on leading from an equity and inclusion lens

  • Developing  connections with a cohort of leaders 

As a participant, you will explore who you are as a leader - your characteristics, your blind spots and where you have room to grow. This series will challenge participants to move beyond popular definitions of leadership to become more aware, strategic, innovative, and to be a valued contributor to systems transformations. 

This series is designed for new and seasoned leaders who want to improve themselves, empower people, grow their organization, and succeed in the complex environments in which they operate, while enhancing social good. Individuals who want to learn, grow, and elevate their own quality of leadership will see great value in this program. All leaders all welcome from new to potential and seasoned leaders, managers, supervisors, directors, and executive directors.

PROGRAM: Full details and dates of each session are below. Click on each session title to get more information. 

SESSION #1: March 24
Influencing Workplace Culture Through Creativity and Play

SESSION #2: April 14
The Self-Aware Leader: How Understanding Yourself Helps You Better Understand Others

SESSION #3: May 5
Leveraging your Leadership to Advance Equity and Inclusion

SESSION #4 : May 26
Self Leadership: Create Balance and Stop the Glorification of Busy

SESSION #5 : June 9 
Transform Your Leadership: Drawing From Indigenous Wisdom

In the weeks between each session dedicated time will be set up for small groups to come together, to discuss reflection questions and/or leadership challenges that they are experiencing. 


Participants come away from this series not only with inspiration and practical tools, but with something far more valuable – a toolkit that will enable you to: :

  • Tackle problems more creatively

  • Improve active listening and communicate more effectively

  • Work more productively, equitably and collaboratively

  • Foster inclusive and healthy relationships

  • Build resilience and deepen character

*This is a 5-part series. All sessions run from 1:00 to 3:30 pm 
**In order to receive the certificate you must attend ALL sessions**
***The series is NOT being recorded. 

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