Innovation Works

Pillar Staff and Supporters celebrate the launch of Innovation Works at Outdoor Party, Spring 2016

How do you generate the kinds of ideas that change the world?

Create a space where the right people are likely to meet at the right time in the right environment.

Innovation Works by Pillar Nonprofit Network is a 32,000 square-foot co-working space in downtown London, Ontario, intentionally designed for social innovators.

It’s designed to attract people who want to create an impact, get them talking about one another’s ideas, and offer the supports they need to turn those ideas into an achievable plan. Innovation Works occupies the space between sectors.

Large group of Innovation Works Co-Tenants gathered in circle, smiling and waving hands


Who are we, you may ask?

We are the sum total of a dynamic group of people, projects, and organizations. We are connected by one shared vision: to put people and planet first. Everything we do - every decision, exchange, system, product and offering - must move us closer to justice and equity.

We navigate chaos and embrace opportunity.
We create space for conscious collisions to take place.
We believe in being diverse, resourceful, nimble and humble.
We believe that together, we are better — collaboration is in our DNA!
We keep it real by not pretending to be something we aren’t.
We embrace challenges and differences of opinion, without judgment.
We believe that authenticity, transparency and vulnerability leads us to mutual respect and understanding.
We make social change and have fun doing it.
We believe anything is possible.
We are fiercely passionate about our work in the world. It’s up to us.
We believe that change happens when people decide to make a difference.
We don’t sit back and wait for things to get better: we shape the world which we live.
We’re ready to lead.

...Are YOU IN?


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