Resilient Fund Grant. Project Coordinator

Experience required.
● Minimum 5 years project coordination experience involving projects of $80,000 to $100 000.00
● Familiar with Ontario Trillium Foundation grant requirements and reporting structure
● Strong foundation in project delivery and working cooperation with Board of Directors
● Proven history of projects management involving three or more consultants, project service providers
● Current knowledge of trends in theatre production and delivery to the community, including video technology and website marketing integration
● Current knowledge of Covid legislation for the performing arts/venues and volunteers
● 2 years volunteer organizational experience
● Strong foundation in project financial monitoring
● Proven history of project evaluation and delivery
● Proven history of community and stakeholder involvement in project delivery

Position: 4 days per week. 32 hrs. $20.00/hr for 9 months

● Working with the Board of Directors and stakeholders, develop a timeline for project implementation
● Develop project according to strategic planning framework
● Consult with and coordinate contractor and purchased project services
● Assist team members with media, stakeholders and community information
● Deliver project according to financial timelines and expenditures
● Conduct interim evaluations and progress control measures to determine scheduling
● Conduct team consultation meetings, problem solve and apply corrective measures
● Act as the project contact with the Ontario Trillium Foundation
● Complete evaluations as required including finalizing of financial transactions
● Monitor and approve social media and website development
● Assist in coordination of training and information session based on knowledge of Covid requirements for the performing arts/venues
● Ability to work from home.
● Knowledge of the Palace Theatre Arts Common facility and technology
● Knowledge and experience with marketing, website development and social media in relation to PTAC performances and fundraising needs

Diversity and inclusive working environment.

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