Mariam Waliji

Mariam Waliji, Social Enterprise Manager & Coach

Mariam Waliji has a passion for connection – whether it be with people, place, or community. Her studies in evolutionary genetics and ecology sparked questions about how local food systems and restricted access to well-grown food impact society in multifaceted ways; this encouraged her to work towards addressing inequities and barriers to access more broadly in our current systems. Her work with Pillar Nonprofit Network, and specifically WOSEN (Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network) allows her to reframe the definition of success for social entrepreneurs while creating space to explore what it means to have intentional positive impact in community. Through education, an emphasis on sharing narrative, an understanding of intersectional environmentalism, ongoing personal development, and a genuine connection with her community, she aims to encourage growth and resilience in collaborative economy.

You can often find Mariam exploring nature -- camera in hand and her best pal (and dog) Orion by her side.

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