Media Contacts

For media inquiries about Pillar Nonprofit Network and our programs, please find our program lead contacts below. 

General inquiries

Maria Luisa Contursi
Director of Network and Engagement
T: 519-657-6018

Mojdeh Cox
Executive Director


Innovation Works

Loredana Wainwright
Director of Operations & Innovation Works
T: 519-660-9533

Board Governance and Equity & Inclusion

Dharshi Lacey
Director, Equity, Inclusion & Governance
T: 519-433-7876 ext. 216

CityStudio London

Mischa Schlemmer 
Manager, CityStudio London 
T: 519-433-7876 ext. 231

Impact Consulting

Julie Forrester
Manager, Impact Consulting
T: 519-433-7876 ext. 213

Social Enterprise

Rachel Berdan
Director, Social Innovation
T: 519-433-7876 ext. 232

VERGE Capital

James Chan
Manager, VERGE Capital
T: 519-433-7876 ext. 228

Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network

Sarah Beyea
Project Manager, Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network
T: 519-433-7876 ext. 234

Areas of insight at Pillar

The Pillar Nonprofit Network team brings a wealth of information on many topics pertaining to the nonprofit, social enterprise and social finance sectors as listed below and would be happy to comment on these topics. For inquiries, please contact Maria Luisa Contursi to connect you with the appropriate member of our staff team. 

  • Local policy advocacy

  • Local nonprofit sector

  • Nonprofit board governance

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Inclusive program design

  • Social finance and impact investing

  • Social innovation 

  • Social enterprise

  • Co-working / Shared space

  • Community collaboration

Whether you're looking for volunteer opportunities,
networking events or a job in the nonprofit sector, we can help.