Pillar's Social Enterprise Southwest Program - RFP for Pillar Nonprofit Network (Pillar) Impact Measurement and Developmental Evaluation (Evaluation)

Pillar is seeking proposals for an organization to co-design and deliver an Impact Measurement and Developmental Evaluation for Pillar’s Social Enterprise and Social Finance initiatives. The main scope will be our Social Enterprise Southwest (SESW) program that includes regional partnerships, social enterprise coaching, professional development, storytelling, digital storytelling and digital animation. In addition, this Evaluation will inform Pillar’s social enterprise and social finance initiatives, such as VERGE Capital, and Pillar’s overall organizational mission. This Evaluation will be co-developed and implemented in collaboration with the Pillar team and be shared with funders, partners, clients and stakeholders.

Follow this link for access to the RFP: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hc460gY2nglyHo1cYL5onyuw0BLpnv7R/view?u...

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Professional Development
Social Enterprise
Social Finance

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