Board Chair

Time Commitment: 
Long-Term (6+ months)
Deadline to Apply: 
Thursday, September 3, 2020
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Envision a place where you manage an art gallery and studio space as well as help enable eager Board Members, Volunteer Coordinators and Membership. At City Art Centre become Board Chair and supervise all those involved on an operational level lending to creative solutions regarding problem solving for any situation that may arise within the board. You will take charge of City Art Centre where healing is aided through artwork done by people with mental health challenges.

Who will you be responsible to?

  • The membership who you will guide with your inborn insight knowing that the members have mental health challenges and have specific needs
  • The public – by promoting and advocating City Art Centre the public are made aware that City Art Centre does exist
  • The Volunteer Coordinators and Board Members – The Board Chair is responsible for effective supervision of these volunteers and should make sound decisions concerning the management of City Art Centre’s administration and upkeep – also you should be an effective communicator as well as an active listener

Why would you want the responsibility?

  • Get gratification that you are contributing to a greater whole by being instrumental in which City Art Centre activities we support in the community – for example staging an art show like Framing the Phoenix
  • To be aware that you are doing something constructive and worthwhile - be appreciated for what you accomplish, offer and achieve for City Art Centre

How would you be responsible?

  • Set a standard for Volunteer Coordinators, Board Members and the Membership while forwarding City Art Centre mandate to be responsible, clear and transparent to everyone involved
  • By supporting members emotional welfare in forming a stable environment for the them
  • Answer to the membership and be accountable for their needs

For More Information, visit, email:, or phone 519-433-0991.We will attentively review all applications.  

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