Board of Director Call for Nominations - London Environmental Network

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Board Member


Individual Adult (over 18)

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London Ontario

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Time Commitment: 

  • Long-Term (6+ months)

Deadline to Apply: 

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Position Description

The London Environmental Network (LEN) connects local organizations and community groups working with an environmental focus. We work to build and support strong, resilient organizations so they can be more effective at creating environmental change. The London Environmental Network also acts as a doorway into the environmental sector so Londoners can learn about environmental efforts in our city and how to get involved.

We believe that by cultivating a strong, cohesive and empowered environmental community, we will engage more Londoners in growing a healthy, sustainable city.

The LEN Board of Directors oversees the governance and strategic direction of the Network. They meet regularly to provide feedback and support in all areas of the Network including, but not limited to, governance, financial stability, strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, operations and ensuring human resource compliance.

Board of Director’s Purpose

  • Develop and execute strategy for LEN – set strategic framework so that staff and Network Members can develop specific goals and tactics
  • Develop and monitor (with input from staff and network members) annual goals and benchmarks; approve annual goals in subsequent years.
  • Ensure that Network is accountable to funding sources in terms of deliverables and reporting.
  • Assist with funding sustainability plans.
  • Drive resources (funding, people, opportunities) toward Network whenever possible (ie. recruiting volunteers, assisting with funding development etc.)
  • Create ad hoc and sub-committees to address specific or ongoing Network issues.
  • Ensure financial, and human resource compliance.
  • Engage in succession planning for LEN Leadership, both board and staff.

Experience and Skills

LEN is seeking Board members with a variety of experience and background. Currently, we are seeking the following skill sets in particular:

  • Human resources
  • Governance
  • Accounting and finance
  • Legal
  • Volunteer management
  • Environmental experience

Board of Directors Membership

The Board of Directors will be made up of a minimum of 5 individuals to a maximum of 15 individuals, including:

  • Representatives from Network Members. These representatives should represent the diversity of the network.
  • Representatives from the general London and area public with an interest in the environment
  • Board of Directors skill set includes a variety of backgrounds and experience including governance, non-profit management, fundraising, finance, marketing, legal, human resources, environmental experience and volunteer management.

Newly elected directors shall be elected for three-year (3) terms. Directors will serve no more than 2 consecutive terms and on subsequent terms from their first, they may serve less than 3 years at their choosing.

Decision Making 

Decision shall be made by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, a simple majority vote of those in attendance will decide the issue. Voting by email is also permitted.

Time Commitments

Board members will meet monthly for regularly scheduled meetings (usually 11 a year). They must also sit on one other committee to the Board. They may from time to time appoint any committee or another advisory body, as it deems necessary or appropriate for such purposes. They must attend 75% of regularly scheduled meetings to be in good standing. Board members are also expected to commit a minimum of 1-3 hours a month of independent work outside of regularly scheduled meetings.

To Apply

Please send a copy of your resume and a cover letter outlining why you want to join the Board to with the subject line “LEN Board Application”. We will be reviewing applications in January and early February and reaching out to those selected for an interview in late February.


  • Board Member

How to Apply

Contact Name: 

Skylar Franke



Deadline to Apply: 

Thursday, January 31, 2019
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