Empathy Squad *VIRTUAL* Audio Storytelling and Podcasting Training (Winter 2024)

Time Commitment: 
Short-term (0-3 months)
Deadline to Apply: 
Friday, November 10, 2023
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Gather Oral Histories to Foster Empathy and Build your Podcasting Skills.

The Empathy Squad is a hands-on, experiential-service-learning opportunity for diverse youth from across Canada aimed at creating meaningful connections and increasing understanding of one another through public engagement, facilitated conversations, active listening and presentation, aimed at capturing and preserving our country's collective community memory for generations to come. 

The Empathy Squad program is made possible by the Canada Service Corps. 

As a participant, you will: 

✅ Acquire the knowledge and practical skills needed to produce high-quality audio stories: interviewing and recording techniques, audio-editing, narrative shaping, and sound design; 

✅ Volunteer in service of your community, learn about what’s important to them through active listening and help foster empathy for their lived experiences; 

✅ Experience hands-on learning alongside fellow future leaders and from industry professionals across the country. 

Some of our program alumni have incorporated interviewing and audio storytelling components into either their current profession or their postgraduate studies, as well as acquired jobs in related media/artistic fields. 

Program Expectations: 

*Have access to strong internet connection and a laptop available on which you can download and install: Slack (Mac OS / Windows OS), Descript (find system requirements here), Google Chrome, Zoom

  • *Attend scheduled Zoom sessions that consist of live demonstrations, instructional videos and feedback sharing from facilitators, Guest Artists and peers; 

  • *Apply learnings by conducting interviews, using audio recording equipment, and completing assignments using audio-editing software, Descript; 

  • *Engage with facilitators and peers using program communication platforms (Slack, Zoom, provided Empathy Squad email address); 

  • *Commit 10-12 hours a week, including scheduled Zoom sessions and work in your own time. 

Application Process and Timeline:

Interested volunteer are asked to fill out an application form here: https://www.fixtpoint.com/empathysquad-apply
NOTE: Applications for Cohorts 15 & 16 are now closed.

Cohorts 17 & 18 will run simultaneously from January to March 2024. Applications for Cohorts 17 & 18 will remain open until further notice!

As a program funded by the Canada Service Corps, applicants must be aged 18 to 30 years at the start of the program, and reside in Canada for the duration of the program. Applications are open to individuals across the country. 

Fill out our application form and find the full program schedule for Cohorts 17&18 here: https://www.fixtpoint.com/empathysquad-apply  


Other program details:

Meet and learn from our Guest Artists: Industry professionals who will come and talk about their work process and help you in yours! 

The program is delivered completely virtually and provides opportunities for developing skills and artistic practice to capture and preserve community stories to be shared with present and future generations, as well as opportunities for improving your communication and self-expression skills! 

In our 4 years of delivering this training program, our applicants have come from many diverse backgrounds and experience levels, in either storytelling, taking this opportunity to expand to a new medium (audio), or in technical skills, and through the program improved on their interviewing and relational skills. 

With over 100 podcast pieces created, you can listen to them here: https://soundcloud.com/fixtpoint/sets/empathy-squad-squadcasts 

Skills Preferred: 
Interpersonal Communication
Community Awareness
Cultural Sensitivity
Time Management
Basic Language Skills
Additional Opportunity Information: 
The Empathy Squad sessions are delivered virtually over Zoom, comprised of training, demonstrations, and listening and sharing, amongst other activities, range from 1 to 3 sessions a week. 

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