Join The ON COVID-19 Project

Time Commitment: 
Mid-Term (3-6 months)
Deadline to Apply: 
Monday, November 30, 2020
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Virtual Volunteer Opportunity, 4-6hrs/wk! Collaborative, Creative, Innovative and Compassionate Volunteer Culture/Environment! 

Gain valuable virtual work experience and contribute meaningfully during a global pandemic to disseminate information! 


Check out the project here: Instagram


The On Covid-19 Project is a grassroots, volunteer-based project that launched in June 2020. The project is an endeavour that brings together your friendly neighbourhood nerds and active citizens to achieve our goal of helping keep Millennials and Gen Z informed about COVID-19. Through harnessing the combined potential of volunteerism and social media, the #ONCOVID19Project strives to disseminate easy to share information that is credible, concise, and Canadian.

We have over 60 core team volunteers in a variety of portfolios such as Research, Design, Social Media, Engagement, External Relations, Business & Innovation and Internal Relations. Our core team volunteers put 4-6hrs/week into this project!

We're looking for new team members to join who are looking to gain some experience and/or lend their professional expertise to a project. We promise a collaborative, considerate and innovative work culture and an opportunity to help be part of something that has been growing steadily since it launched.

If you have educational or professional experience in any of the following areas please apply!

  • copywriting 
  • marketing
  • social media metrics and analysis 
  • social media management 
  • website creation and management 
  • research 
  • design (CANVA based project)
  • branding 
  • strategic planning and growth 
  • social media engagement 
  • diversity/inclusion
  • creative problem solving
  • science communication 
  • grant writing
  • fundraising
  • nonprofits
  • startups

Enthusiasm is more valuable than experience! 

Our application form can be found here:

Help #StopTheSpread with The On COVID-19 Project.

Skills Preferred: 
proficiency in English
Additional Opportunity Information: 
ongoing recruitment // enthusiasm > experience!

Whether you're looking for volunteer opportunities,
networking events or a job in the nonprofit sector, we can help.