Youth Mentor - Landscaping/Garden/Lawn Care

Time Commitment: 
Short-term (0-3 months)
Deadline to Apply: 
Thursday, July 8, 2021
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Do you have a job that involve using noisy landscaping machinery such as mowers, blowers, edgers etc? Do you have access to these types of tools around your home? Would you like to help explore the use of these tools with a high school student?


We currently have a young man who loves all things power landscaping – but especially the noisy tools like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, power edgers and clippers, chain saws, etc. We are seeking someone who has access to these kinds of tools and would be willing to share information on their use, safety issues and demonstrate how they are used in a video format.  If you live in the Burlington area – this could possibly develop to an in-person opportunity in the future.


Student Links is for students aged 14-21 who have a disability. We match these students with a mentor in their community with whom they share common interests. Students are provided with an opportunity to explore a role based on their passions and interests, practice hard and soft skills and network. This helps them form decisions about the choices available to them upon graduation.


The role of a mentor is a highly rewarding one and can take many forms. I seek people who are passionate about their work, and those who want to share their expertise with someone who might not otherwise be exposed to such experiences. There is no requirement in terms of time commitments. A mentorship is formed with the help of the program coordinator and can take many forms depending on the availability of the mentor and student.


Please note - normally mentor-student matches are done in-person, however due to the current Covid situation, we are connecting students and mentors virtually. This might involve preparing pre-recorded instructional videos for the student, meeting over Zoom to share information and answer questions, or setting up a google classroom for example.


If this sounds like something you would enjoy contact Sarah Ellis-Pierron at or 519-520-8268 for more information on this or any other mentorship opportunities. Check out our website at

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