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May 7, 2020
Written by Sienna Jae Taylor This past week I participated in a conversation facilitated by Pillar Nonprofit Network that focused on committing to equity and inclusion during COVID-19. Within this microcosm of change agents, the urgency of this conversation was undisputed. The inadequacies of our systems have come front and centre for all to see. COVID-19 has not just brought forward a global health risk, but has roused a real... Read More
May 6, 2020
London-based Go Fog It , founded by Diana House and Melissa McInerney, has been announced as the recipient of the first Recovery & Rebuilding the Region Design Challenge. Go Fog It, which offers disinfectant fogging to make spaces safer, has two main components to helping southwestern Ontario recover from COVID-19. The first one is safety and health, with a goal to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The second... Read More
May 4, 2020
Pillar, and our Executive Director, Michelle Baldwin, have been making headlines advocating on behalf of the nonprofit sector, facilitating community connections in support of the COVID-19 response, and partnering with other local organizations to support innovative solutions to the pandemic. Read the articles below and check out a few key quotes for a deeper look into how Pillar is working to support our network and our community. Nonprofit Sector Advocacy... Read More
April 30, 2020
MEDIA RELEASE LONDON, April 30, 2020 - It was a gap identified in meetings of the Mayor’s Economic and Social Impact & Recovery Task Forces: How do we get meals to our most vulnerable? With that question in mind, a group of partners across the nonprofit, business and government sectors came together to meet the need. It started with RBC Place London reaching out to say we can help -... Read More
April 27, 2020
Communities everywhere have felt the impact of COVID-19 — Southwestern Ontario among them. Along with crisis comes c reativity, and we are seeing countless acts of selflessness, resourcefulness and resilience in our communities across Southwestern Ontario. That’s why Libro Credit Union , Pillar Nonprofit Network and TechAlliance have partnered on the Recovery & Rebuilding the Region Design Challenges, to accelerate and scale select “Made in Southwestern Ontario” products, services and... Read More
April 23, 2020
We have seen the power of social enterprise to benefit people and the environment while creating jobs and supporting economic development. We know that this is a challenging time for people and businesses alike, and have heard that people are looking for ways to support social enterprises during this time. While many businesses are pausing and/or pivoting, many others are operating online or in unique ways. Here are a few... Read More
April 20, 2020
We see you. There you are, bringing your passions, your talents, and your wisdom to your community. As gifts. Yes, there you are, asking nothing in return, but taking away so much: connection, camaraderie, and a better community for having you in it. We see you now. Signing up to stand on the front lines with your special medical skills, or supporting the front lines with other special and critical... Read More
April 16, 2020
We are excited to welcome Siham Elkassem, Jennifer McIntosh and Alexander Summers to Pillar Nonprofit Network's Board of Directors! Siham Elkassem Siham Elkassem is a Child and Family Therapist for the Community Services team at Vanier Children’s Services. She is an active Muslim community member in London, assisting in many projects that help to build capacity from within her community. Siham is currently pursuing her PhD at Memorial University, in... Read More
April 3, 2020
Thank you! Last week we sent out a survey to take the pulse of the membership and your response was everything. We had greater than 200 responses - most of them in the first 24 hours - and so we were able to understand quickly the challenges facing our diverse network in that moment: we felt grief for the communities you love; uncertain futures for the teammates you cherish; and... Read More
March 31, 2020
NEWS RELEASE LONDON, April 1, 2020 - Over the past 14 years, the Pillar Community Innovation Awards has been shining a light on the good happening in our community to call others to action. While it may seem hard to find the bright spots in this current situation, we have been inspired by the collective action of our community to aid and protect those most at risk. “I am encouraged... Read More


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