Pillar Nonprofit Network offers three membership options:

Individual Members

Individual Members support Pillar's work and vision and are interested in professional development, networking and consulting opportunities.

Business Members

Business Members are businesses and for-profit social enterprises that are invested in positive community impact.

Nonprofit Organization Members

Nonprofit Organization Members are registered charities and nonprofit organizations with a genuine interest in furthering Pillar's objectives, that want to increase their visibility and credibility.

Nonprofit organizations include any nonprofit corporation, association or network (incorporated or unincorporated) which have the following characteristics:

1. They have their own decision making process
2. They exist to serve a public benefit
3. Profit is not distributed to members
4. They depend on volunteers in some way, even if only on a Board of Directors
5. They are independent from public and private sectors, although some may be dependent upon those sectors for funding and service partnerships.   


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