Lasting, measurable change in our community is possible with connections. 

Pillar Nonprofit Network members are nonprofit sector organizations and individuals from across London and the surrounding area, brought together by a common desire to fulfill their missions in our community. 

Our 340 members:

  • Have their head office, conduct business or reside in London and the surrounding area,
  • Range from small start-ups to larger, more established organizations, to individuals committed to our community, and
  • Represent a variety of demographics and causes.

Pillar Members form a community of like-minded individuals, committed to increasing their visibility, credibility, capacity and professionalism. Their dedication strengthens the effectiveness of the sector as a whole and positions the nonprofit sector alongside government and businesses in the pursuit of community impact.

  Without a strong, stable and reliable public sector, we cannot be a community. Without an innovative, responsive and vibrant private sector, we cannot be a community. Without a caring, creative and compassionate voluntary sector, we cannot be a community. Without any of these 3 pillars, the community collapses. When these 3 pillars work in collaboration, harmony and mutual respect, the sky will be the limit.

Willy Van Klooster - Founding Board Chair, Pillar Nonprofit Network