Impact Consulting

 Board Governance, Workshop facilitation, Social Enterprise, Social Finance, Equity and Inclusion, and Social Innovation

Impact Consulting by Pillar Nonprofit Network provides consulting services designed to amplify the social impact of nonprofit organizations, social enterprises and social purpose businesses.

For over 15 years, Pillar has been strengthening nonprofits, social enterprises and individuals creating positive community impact. Impact Consulting leverages the experience and knowledge of Pillar staff, associates and our network of 600+ social innovators to strategically scale your impact.

Through a variety of approaches, tools and resources, we strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to develop innovative solutions to complex problems, advance their social purpose and generate greater impact.


Our Approach

We work with each of our clients to develop customized project plans based on the following principles:

Complex community challenges require long-term solutions and we believe in the importance of sustainable solutions thinking. We work with clients to explore opportunities to embed financial, organizational and environmental sustainability into their strategies.

Equity and Inclusion
We believe that social change shouldn’t leave people behind. We embed conversations of access, equity and inclusion into all of our work and support clients in including many perspectives in their decision making processes.

Building Capacity for Implementation
We go beyond discussion to ensure you have the tools, connections and knowledge to reach your goals. We follow-up with each of our clients on a regular basis to check in on progress, make you aware of additional resources, and provide guidance as you implement on your plan.

Network Mindset
Collaboration and knowledge sharing is key to successful community change. We connect our clients with well-researched resources, expert knowledge and our network of over 600+ social innovators.

Impact Consulting works with charities, nonprofits, for-profits and cooperatives to map out customized supportthat moves you closer to your goals. Our services include:

Nonprofit Board Governance

Through facilitation, training and experiential learning, we offer boards and executive teams the education, tools and resources they need to provide effective, responsible oversight and ensure that board members (and staff) have a solid understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities as directors.

  • Board Retreats
  • Training for Boards and Leadership Teams
  • Policy Review

Equity & Inclusion

Impact Consulting is committed to helping clients create diverse and inclusive organizations reflective of the communities they serve. We work at the leadership level to develop action-oriented diversity and inclusion strategies, train staff and boards and measure success.

  • Workplace equity and inclusion assessments; through surveys and key stakeholder interviews to evaluate current policies and inclusion strategies
  • Develop clearly defined goals to implement and measure the advancement of equity and inclusion strategies
  • Provide training to staff and boards on inclusion and diversity

Learn more about how you can embed equity & inclusion conversations in your organization.

Workshops & Learning Sessions

We deliver top quality workshops to spread the knowledge our team has gained in 15+ years in the social impact sector. Our workshops are animated by expert facilitators and each workshop is tailored to engage your intended audience, across all demographics and sectors.

  • Hourly, ½ day, and full day facilitated learning sessions
  • Topics include social enterprise, board governance, social innovation, equity & inclusion, and more!

Social Enterprise Development

We offer customized and expert consultation for nonprofit, cooperative and for-profit social enterprises. We assist individual social entrepreneurs and organizations wishing to conceive, design, launch or expand a social enterprise.

  • Early-stage/Idea Exploration
  • New Venture Creation
  • Growth Strategies
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Modelling

Social Finance & Social Innovation

Pillar Nonprofit Network is a backbone to multiple social innovation projects including Innovation Works (a 30,000 square foot coworking space), VERGE Capital (a $3 million impact investing fund), and CityStudio London (a collaborative student and civic engagement project with 5 post-secondary institutions and the City of London)  We use our experience and expertise as a leader in collaboration to support systems change projects.

  • Community design sessions
  • Social impact real estate
  • Community bond development
  • Impact investment ecosystem and loan fund development

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email: consulting [at]

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