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October 15, 2019
On October 22nd, Lindsay McDermott will join Pillar as our Business and Resource Development Manager. Lindsay is a seasoned community change-maker with more than a decade of experience in strategic resource development, generating significant revenue that furthers social innovation, fulfills charitable missions, and creates lasting community impact. By pairing passion with purpose, Lindsay builds formative partnerships that inspire meaningful results. We are thrilled to welcome her to the team!Read More
September 30, 2019
The Pillar Nonprofit Network team is excited to welcome five new team members into the fold this October! We welcome Sarah Beyea to the role of Project Manager . Sarah has a passion for helping organizations improve and communicate their social, environmental, and economic impact. With over eleven years of experience in project management and program implementation, she is a firm believer that the best change happens through collaboration and... Read More
September 9, 2019
After a six month Reflective Practice & Research Fellowship, Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director is coming back with renewed energy and insight following global network research, learning opportunities, reflective practices and dedicated time to document the story and promising practices of Pillar, Innovation Works and VERGE Capital. To learn more read Michelle's latest blog here . Having others step into leadership and documenting our network approach were intentional to create succession... Read More
September 6, 2019
Reflective Practice and Research Fellowship What is a reflective practice and research fellowship? As the Executive Director of Pillar for more than 10 years, there was an intensity to my role during the growth phases of Pillar, Innovation Works and VERGE Capital that had me all in and firing on all cylinders. I had reached a point in my career that I was looking for a renewed sense of meaning,... Read More
September 5, 2019
At Pillar we often talk about organizational resilience and how our ability to adapt, pivot and sustain change can help strengthen our capacity to create positive impact in our community. We have reorganized to help us to respond to a growing network with increasingly diverse needs. For instance, the network expressed a need for more information on public policy and government relations given our new economic reality. We’ve responded through... Read More
September 4, 2019
Pillar Nonprofit Network , as a WES Ecosystem Fund (Regional Stream) recipient, will be receiving $3,585,303 to deliver the Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network (WOSEN), which proposes to broaden and diversify the entrepreneurial ecosystem supporting women, through inclusive design and Indigenous knowledge and practice. This will support 150 new women-led social enterprises and expand 75 existing ones, offer 10 women-centered innovation training sessions to 250 people in 12 communities,... Read More
August 30, 2019
Pillar is very excited to share that we will welcome two new staff members to the Pillar team on September 3, 2019. Rachel Berdan will join us as our new Social Innovation Coach, leading the Libro Social Enterprise Incubator. A communicator by background, a coach by nature, and a business leader by way of a series of great opportunities, Rachel is passionate about helping businesses of all kinds align strategy,... Read More
August 23, 2019
We are pleased to announce that the Canada Life Young Leaders program will be offered through Pillar Nonprofit Network for the 2019/2020 year. This partnership with London Youth Advisory Council and sponsored by Canada Life provides young people in our community with a unique leadership opportunity. The program matches youth aged 18-24 with a nonprofit organization, providing them the opportunity to serve as an ex-officio Board member and learn more... Read More
August 21, 2019
Written by Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director I am the one who creates brave new spaces for play, belonging and connection. Do not proceed if you want your life to remain as it is. These are the words I heard a month before starting the Foundations of Purpose program in a preparation call. I remember in this moment feeling overwhelmed with both excitement and fear, but sure that I wanted to... Read More
August 9, 2019
News Release For Immediate Release Minister Ng announces Women Entrepreneurship Strategy investments Government of Canada investing over $4.2 million to support women entrepreneurs in southwestern Ontario August 9, 2019 – London, Ontario – Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada The Government of Canada is advancing women’s economic empowerment with the first ever Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES),a $2-billion investment that seeks to double the number of women-owned businesses by 2025. Today,... Read More


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