Board Retreats

A board retreat can offer a much-needed opportunity for your board of directors to build relationships, re-engage with the vision and mission of the organization and celebrate your work over the past year.

Engage Pillar Nonprofit Network to support the planning and facilitation of your board retreat. Pillar will work with you to develop a fun, productive and interactive half day or full day that will help you reflect on the past year and explore your vision for the future.

Why should you plan a board retreat?

  1. Re-energize and re-engage your board. Reignite the passion and commitment to the mission and vision of your organization.
  2. Reflect. Celebrate and evaluate. What did we accomplish last year? What were our learning moments? What can we do better moving forward?
  3. Plan for the year. Review your strategic plan and measure progress. Identify goals for next year.
  4. Give yourselves the space and time to be visionary thinkers together.
  5. Networking and socializing. It can be hard to work with strangers. If you want your board to work well together, they will need to feel comfortable and enjoy working with each other.

Planning and facilitating your next retreat

Pillar Nonprofit Network can work with your board to create the retreat that is right for you, based on your unique goals and situation. Our development and delivery model is flexible, and in tune with your organizational culture and context.

Core objectives for a successful retreat:

Team Development 
Team development is one of the most important investments you will make. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Effective teams are critical to organizational success and leads to more engaged board members.

Board Self-Evaluation
A strong, vibrant board of directors is a clear indicator of a healthy organization. Even the strongest organizations need a periodic check-up to ensure sustainability. To check your board’s vital signs, or to put in place practices and strategies for a healthy and energized board, the best place to start is with a board self-assessment. Pillar will customize an online board self-evaluation, disseminate the survey, collect results, and provide a summary of responses. The survey will provide key insights into priority areas for board development.

Reflection, Celebration and Planning
Reflection is deliberate and structured thinking about choices. It is an integral step in the learning process and for improving our practice. Through reflection, board members can look clearly at their successes and struggles and consider options for change and action for the upcoming year. We deliver high-impact and engaging board retreats.

For more information on pricing and availability, contact:

Mariam Waliji 
Vice-President - Equity, Impact & Governance, Pillar Nonprofit Network
T: 519-433-7876 ext. 239 | E: mwaliji [at] pillarnonprofit [dot] ca

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