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Social Six 

Over the next 30 years, young Canadians will encounter some of the greatest transitions any generation has ever had to face: climate change, gender equality, reconciled relationships with Indigenous peoples, sustainable energy, the changing nature of work and economic resiliency, among others. The SocialSIX Certificate Program will expose learners to an emerging set of social innovation tools designed to equip young people with essential skills for a more vibrant, inclusive and socially responsible future.

What are the Social Six
Using the following SIX themes we want to strengthen and expand the practical learning opportunitiesand inspire students invested in positive community impact:
  1. Social Innovation
  2. Social Enterprise
  3. Social Finance
  4. Social Technology
  5. Social Inclusion
  6. Social Labs

For the full program see: Social Six Overview

Book a Workshop 
To book a workshop see: Social Six Form
For more information about the SocialSIX certificate program please contact:

Aditi Basdeo, Youth Engagement Coordinator
Pillar Nonprofit Network


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Youth Opportunities 

Today, young people are facing many barriers including a rise in mental health issues. There have been multiple studies showing that volunteering increases happiness and supports mental health. Volunteering also provides younger people with the opportunity to find mentors and develop relationships that may help them in their future careers. For those who are facing barriers such as poverty or being a newcomer, these connections can provide opportunities they may not have otherwise been able to experience. Additionally, leadership development is a valuable opportunity to be gained from volunteering. These experiential learning opportunities are invaluable and Pillar Nonprofit Network encourages young people to get involved. Send us an e-mail here.


Volunteer Fairs & Events

Organizing and attending volunteer fairs and events at schools and in the community, promoting the Pillar website as a tool to get involved, and to provide opportunities for organizations to connect directly with students. To request Pillar Nonprofit to attend your volunteer fair or event, send us an e-mail here

For more information contact:

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Whether you're looking for volunteer opportunities,
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