Community Collaboration Forum Survey Results

Among the many community impact themes generated at Pillar’s 2012 Community Collaboration Forum, the following six themes emerged as key topics resonating with the 107 delegates who completed the survey, representing a 54% return rate:

1)  Enhancing communication among the private, public and nonprofit sectors (76.8%)
2)  Creating a social innovation shared space (54.7%)
3)  Collaborating with Fanshawe College and Western University (52.6%)
4)  Engaging Youth and Mentorship (50.5%)
5)  Strengthening Neighbourhoods (49.5%)
6) Addressing Poverty (44.2%)

Based on these findings, and according to the goals of its Collaborating for Community Impact (CCI) Program, Pillar Nonprofit Network identified three initiatives to support in the coming years.

1) Interestingly, the top topic of interest expressed by more than 75% of Forum delegates is ‘Enhancing communication across the private, public and nonprofit sectors’, which nicely dovetails with ‘Collaborating with Fanshawe College and Western University’, as expressed by more than 50% of delegates. But, how and where do we begin addressing this very comprehensive theme?

2) Supporting the theme of ‘Creating a social innovation shared space’, Pillar is pleased to confirm recent receipt of new funding of $73,000+ from the London Community Foundation (LCF), to jointly undertake - with Emerging Leaders - a feasibility study and business plan for a London social innovation shared space.  This LCF funding was leveraged by the Collaborating for Community Impact grant for 2012 received from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

So, this new initiative, which is of interest to more than 50% of delegates, seems a likely area of focus for the CCI Program to consider over the next two years.

3) The final area of focus resonating with more than 40% of delegates is ‘Addressing Poverty’.  On this front, Pillar was pleased to present Survey results, specific to the topic of poverty, to the combined Bridges out of Poverty and Child & Youth Network leadership to determine how the CCI Program can support their joint efforts.

4) Two additional areas of interest expressed by 50% of delegates are ‘Engaging Youth & Mentorship’ and ‘Strengthening Neighbourhoods’. In both instances, it's encouraging to acknowledge these two major topics are supported through other community initiatives beyond the CCI Program through the City of London’s Child & Youth Network.

Appreciating there are a number of creative community initiatives already striving to cross the sectors, Pillar is listing existing events/networks on which to build expanded cross-sector collaboration, and we welcome your suggestions and ideas on this broad area of focus.

Cross-sector Community Consultation Events:
ReThink London
Cultural Prosperity Plan
City Symposium
Tampon Tuesday
Ignite London 

Cross-sector Pillar Consultation Events:
Community Collaboration Forum
Social Innovation Exchange
Pillar Community Innovation Awards 

Next Steps

In the coming months, Pillar will continue to dialogue with supportive funding partners from Ontario Trillium Foundation, London Community Foundation, United Way London & Middlesex, and City of London Community Services, who jointly brainstormed with us. 

As we move ahead with the final phase of the Collaborating for Community Impact Program, Pillar appreciates the importance and value of continued community involvement and input. With this in mind, plans are underway for the 2014 Community Collaboration Forum now set for Wednesday, October 8th at the London Convention Centre - with a theme of 'Embracing Collective Impact'. 

Please check out details and register to join us for another cross-sector community experience designed to help make our great city even better!


Contact Maureen Spencer Golovchenko, Community Collaboration Program Manager, to learn more.

Phone: 519-433-7876


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