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London Community Chaplaincy

977 Southdale Road
London, ON, N6E 1B3

The London Community Chaplaincy was recently formed as a result of the unification of the Limberlost and Southdale Chaplaincies. The London Community Chaplaincy works in the public housing complex communities at Limberlost and Southdale. We provide quality programming for children and adults. We provide advocacy and resources for families who are facing the many challenges of living in poverty. We strive to meet families where they are, to build relationships of support and encouragement as well as connect them with the resources that can improve their situation. Funded largely by mainline churches in the City of London, the Chaplaincy does not seek to convert. Our programs and services are open to all in the diverse communities we serve. We rely on volunteers to help deliver our many programs. Our programs are diverse; After School programs, Adult programs, and summer programs. We are able to welcome volunteers in many different capacities.

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