Attract & Hire, Inclusive Person-centric Hiring Solution

BPW London Doris Hall and former BPW London and now BPW Bowmanville member Sheila Crook have been part of a team working for the past two years on their IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access Solutions) project with funding from WAGE (Women and Gender Equality Canada). Many BPW members from across Canada have participated in the project.

As the work continues to build on the progress made, they bring their Attract & Hire: Inclusive Person-centric Hiring Solution workshop to London. Attend on April 17th (see details on the flyer) and invite businesses and organizations that would benefit from this session. The information that will be shared includes not only this Hiring Solution but ideas and templates to enable participants to roll out training programs.

This event is free to all participants and there is lots of free parking available. Please encourage everyone you know who is thinking of diversifying their work talent pool that this event is being held for just that reason - to get all these helpful tools.

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