Bring Your Own Bylaws 2023

Ontario’s Not-for-profit Corporations Act (ONCA) was proclaimed on October 19, 2021. Nonprofits have until October 18, 2024 to update their bylaws and letters patent to comply with ONCA. In this half-day working session, participants will work through their bylaws and letters patent and a special workbook to identify what they might want or need to change in order to comply with ONCA.

PREPARATION NEEDED: Participants are advised to review their governing documents ahead of time to be somewhat familiar with the layout and content. Participants must bring a digital or physical copy of their bylaws and (preferably) letters patent.

THIS SESSION IS FOR: Senior leaders, board members, and anyone involved in the corporate governance of organizations already incorporated under Ontario’s Corporations Act or a special Act.

This session is not for: 

  • Organizations that are not themselves incorporated but part of a larger organization or government,
  • Organizations incorporated under Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act,
  • Organizations incorporated under Co-operative Corporations Act, or
  • Other statutes outside of Ontario
To learn more about the ONCA visit

NOTE: This session is not being recorded and the presenter will take a short break for lunch. 


Benjamin Miller (he/him) is a staff lawyer on the Nonprofit Law Ontario project of Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) where he focused on nonprofit and charity law and policy. Over the past 5 years at CLEO, Benjamin has answered hundreds of nonprofit law questions and developed an online interactive bylaw builder for the ONCA. Benjamin also works at the Ontario Nonprofit Network and has worked at the Canada Revenue Agency in the past. Benjamin holds a JD and MPP from the University of Toronto and an MA in political theory from the University of Ottawa.




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