Catch the Ace Raffle for Leukodystrophy Research

“Catch the AceBethanys Hope Foundation

We are very proud of the medical breakthroughs that are being made within “Bethanys Hope Leukodystrophy Research Laboratory” in London, ON, including the perspective of Clinical Trials for an MLD treatment in the near future. Over the last 28 years, you and our Foundation have fought tirelessly to ensure that the faces & names of those suffering from the devastation of MLD are not forgotten, but instead given a voice of hope and dignity. This would not have been possible with the amazing support of the members of this community, families struggling with the devastation of MLD, tremendous Volunteers and our amazing generous corporate Sponsors! However, the Covid 19 pandemic has changed everything for so many non-profit organizations. The cancellation of our four major / annual fundraising events in 2020/21 has had a devastating impact on our capacity to continue funding our world class research in this community! This is not a battle that we can win without you as we develop a new fundraising initiative!!

After years in the planning……we are so excited to been given the opportunity by the Ontario Gaming Commission to launch our “Catch the Ace”, a progressive 50:50 Online Raffle. This is an “Online Only” fundraising campaign at !! A Win/Win for our Research Program and all our long-time donors… a chance to Win the Jackpot each week!! You can be a part of our cutting edge Research Team by purchasing tickets for our very exciting “Catch the Ace”, Raffle started on February 15, 2024. We will continue the Weekly Raffle until the Ace of Spades is chosen during a Weekly Draw. The Weekly Draw will take place each Thursday at 7:15 pm at Bethanys Hope Foundation’s office.   All the details can be found on our website at !!

We need your help more than ever! …….Our “Catch the Ace” is an awesome new fundraising campaign… safe to play Online with no masks required!! We all hope this will help us bridge the research funding gap created from the challenges of Covid19.  Bethanys Hope Foundation has a very targeted but ambitious goal of completely funding Clinical Trials in full operation by 2025! We are at a cross roads, with over two-decades of extensive cutting edge Research complete, now is the time to take the next monumental step. Please help make a difference for these children! 

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