Experiences of Discrimination in London & Middlesex County

November’s event is an in-depth look at the discrimination experienced by immigrants and racialized individuals in London and Middlesex, as well as strategies and recommendations for combating discrimination. As part of LMLIP’s report on discrimination, interviews were conducted with 30 immigrant and racialized community members who had experienced discrimination in public or at workplaces within the last three years. The interviews detail the respondents' experiences, their sense of belonging to the region, their knowledge of existing strategies and supports, and characteristics of a reporting tool and other supports that they may find useful.

Our guest presenters for this evening are from the London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership: Rama Eloulabi, co-author of LMLIP’s report on discrimination and Pd.D student at Western University; and Jonathan Juha, Communications Officer for the London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership

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