Exploring Emotional Intelligence: How to Grow your EQ

This event was rescheduled from an earlier date.

Emotional intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ) refers to the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. EQ includes skills such as emotional awareness, or the ability to identify and name one’s own emotions; the ability to harness those emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving. It also applies to  the ability to manage emotions, including  both regulating one’s own emotions when necessary and helping others to do the same.

Unlike IQ, which is fixed, we can work to increase our EQ. In practical terms, this means building our awareness of how emotions drive our behavior and how they impact other people - positively and negatively. 

Why is emotional intelligence important? 

Understanding your EQ will help you identify your strengths as well as areas for potential growth to enhance your personal performance. It’s a scientific fact that emotions precede thought. When emotions run high, they change the way our brains function by decreasing our cognitive abilities like decision-making powers, and even interpersonal skills. Understanding and managing our own emotions greatly increases our ability to understand and relate to others, helps us better navigate conflict and positively benefits workplace cultures.  

This workshop will enable participants to: 

  • Learn about emotional intelligence and why it is important

  • Explore the connection between behaviour, emotions and performance

  • Develop an understanding of your own emotional reactivity

  • Build strategies to help grow your own EQ 

Anyone who is interested to learn more about how to grow their emotional intelligence - and the good thing is that anyone can improve their EQ! We know that in this short workshop we cannot fully develop your EQ, but we can introduce you to the topic, practice some strategies for growth and help you in your journey towards developing greater emotional awareness. 

LEVEL: Beginner -Intermediate


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Dr. Farzana Chohan

Consulting Associate, Impact Consulting, Pillar Nonprofit Network  

Farzana's passion is to cultivate leadership, inclusion, belonging and equity in workplaces. She helps in solving the understanding bias and adapting mindsets to create authentic inclusion.

Through decades of working in architecture across North America, Farzana found her passion for leadership and diversity. She has spent time leading an international non-profit and conducting leadership research on mentoring, equity and inclusion. She is an author of two deeply thought-provoking books on the topic of gender and leadership in male-dominated fields.

She understands the value and impact of shared experiences of her own journey and the lived experiences of others. Through her extensive work, panels and executive consulting, she motivates professionals and companies to develop leadership maps that cultivate diversity and belonging in workplaces.

Caitlin Villeneuve

Learning & Development Program Designer, WOSEN, Pillar Nonprofit Network  

Caitlin is passionate about creating opportunities for meaningful connection and relationship-building through shared learning experiences. Currently engaged in her own process of unlearning, Caitlin is committed to leveraging her experience and her privilege to co-facilitate conversations that help lift the veil of systemic racism and oppression. Certified in Co-Active Coaching, EQi 2.0 Assessments and NeuroTransformational Coaching, Caitlin is able to help folks explore their emotionality and navigate their evolving self-awareness.

She is also an Associate Facilitator with Twenty One Toys, a learning and development toy company based in Toronto that uses toys to teach skills that textbooks can’t - like Empathy, Failure, Creative Problem Solving, Communication and Teamwork. 

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