Impact Dashboard: A Tool to Measure Impact Using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

What is it?

Social Innovation Canada is leading a project called Adopting Common Measures to support mission driven organizations in Canada to align with United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and track their social impact.

In order to help social purpose organizations like yours, SI Canada along with Centre for Social Innovation have developed an Impact Dashboard to help you measure the impact you are making!

SI Canada is conducting live onboarding sessions to help you smoothly log on to the platform and build on and track your impact journey.

Who is it for?

Social purpose organizations in Canada carrying out mission-driven work such as: social enterprises, charity, co-operative, government agency, not-for-profit and for profit entities among others

What's in it for you?

  • Free access to the Impact Dashboard through SI Canada software
  • Hands-on support to onboard you to the platform
  • Live Q&A with their impact tracking team

Features include

  • Logic Model to track your outputs and outcomes
  • Align with global UN goals, national indicators but also define your metrics
  • The Dashboard is aligned with the Common Approach to Impact Measurement data standard


Paluck Kohli

Paluck works as a communications, engagement and impact coordinator at Social Innovation Canada. She is supporting the Adopting Common Measures program and her work is focused on helping social purpose organizations align with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and measure their impact using Common Approach's framework. She, along with her team, is empowering SPOs to build a sustainable impact measurement practice by making Impact Dashboard accessible to social entrepreneurs and entities. She completed her Master of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Smith School of Business at Queen's University. Her superpowers are building meaningful collaborations and creating synergies through impact tracking. She comes from a diverse background ranging from business consulting to Food and Beverage industries but found her purpose in social innovation.

Randy Terada

Randy began working in the nonprofit sector immediately after his graduation from York University with a graduate degree in Politics. He has worked in Toronto’s diverse community sector for many years now. His career began at Scadding Court Community Centre working in tech support and as an ESL tutor volunteer. He has worked at a number of community organizations in the Greater Toronto Area, developing a community internet program for newcomers to Canada, overseeing the development of an early prototype content management system giving program staff more control to develop their online content, adopting an open source learning management system called Moodle to train teaching assistants and working in Scarborough on a Collective Impact project. His most recent stop was at the Ontario Nonprofit Network as the Lead for Sustainable Development Goal #8 Decent Work. Now Randy lands here at SI Canada working on a project aiming to promote the Sustainable Development Goals across Canada with a particular emphasis on supporting Social Purpose Organizations to track their social impact, record their stories and profile the strides they are making towards their SDG goals.


SDG Cities is a collaborative, community-driven program supporting localization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Guelph and London. The program is funded by the Government of Canada’s Sustainable Development Goals Program. Learn more about the program HERE

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