Insider Insights: Successful Grant Writing 2022

The practice of researching, developing and writing for grant applications and proposals is often met with laboured groans as one works through the often tedious task. However, if we can learn to be more effective and strategic, it doesn't have to be so hard!    

Focusing on the essential elements of a proposal, this workshop will provide participants with tips, insights and strategies for effective grant writing. This workshop gives you a comprehensive, concentrated introduction to the field and helps you steer clear of the most common grant proposal pitfalls.

Among the key take-aways of this session, participants will learn how to construct a compelling grant proposal template that may be used in  multiple scenarios. Participants will learn from the insights of experts and funders and experience a greater sense of confidence as they become familiar with effective methods to procure the funds that will support their organization to achieve their mission. 

As part of the learning, a panel of funders will offer their insights, tips and tricks and answer your questions.

Topics covered:

  • Knowing the environment you are working in and understanding your competition

  • Where to research for potential funders 

  • Steps to take before you write the grant

  • Packaging and writing a professional grant submission 

Funders Panel Includes:

Jo-Ann Hutchison, Regional Development Advisor I Regional and Corporate Services Division
Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries I Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility

Rebekah Morrison-Wize, Development Officer, Investments
London Arts Council

Lori Runciman, Director, Grants
London Community Foundation 

Janice Walter, Manager, Community Grants
London Community Grants Program, City of London 

LEVEL: Beginner – Intermediate

TARGET AUDIENCE: Fundraising professionals, executive directors, board members and any staff who are interested in enhancing their current grant writing skills.

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Sheila Simpson helps nonprofit organizations increase their capacity through facilitation, relationship building and community development.
For over 17 years, Sheila served as a Program Manager for the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Sheila has reviewed thousands of grant applications and brings a funder's lens to her work. She has also written many grants and understands the joy of having success and the emotions of getting declined.


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