#PolicyTalk 4: Yes, Nonprofits Can do Advocacy, Actually; Let's Get Started

It’s time to continue the 2023 #PolicyTalk series, identifying the policy issues that matter to us, and collaborating to have a positive influence on London’s developing multi-year budget.

This event is especially designed to support nonprofit board members understand their roles in nonprofit advocacy, and a light dinner from Growing Chefs! Ontario is included to make attendance more possible. But all are welcome, whether or not you’ve attended previous sessions. In our earlier #PolicyTalk events, participants expressed a strong desire to build our capacity for collaboration and collective action, but also identified barriers to doing this work. One of the biggest barriers is our own aversion to public policy and advocacy work,  including the persistent belief that we’re not allowed, or not allowed to do very much. #PolicyTalk participants spoke of everything from ¨unease¨ to ¨risk element¨ and ¨real fear.” But we probably don't talk enough about the risks to our missions, our organizations, and our communities of not doing advocacy work.


  • Thaw out the ‘advocacy chill’ and talk about the many political activities that nonprofits are allowed to do;
  • Understand the risk of not doing advocacy work;
  • Help you identify the areas where you probably should be advocating in order to achieve your nonprofit’s mission; and
  • Suggest ways you can prepare your organization to do sustainable policy and advocacy work.


This is an especially important workshop for nonprofit leaders and board members, but everyone is welcome to attend who wishes to build nonprofit advocacy for thriving communities. If there is more than one person in your organization whose work touches on public policy and advocacy, please consider bringing them all. This is work we need to do together.

If you missed any or all of the earlier #PolicyTalk sessions you are more than welcome to join in now. To learn more about the work done already, you may wish to review:

Please note, this event is taking place in person at Innovation Works London and is not being recorded. The slide deck will be shared with all #PolicyTalk attendees before or immediately after the event, and a report on the event will be distributed to all #PolicyTalk attendees in the new year.
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