#PolicyTalk: LIGHT MODE

“We can’t deeply collaborate, if we don’t start doing things together.” 

~Participant, Policy Talk 2023

Policy Talks are how Pillar supports the network to work together on viable solutions to our sector’s and our community’s problems. In 2024, we are working together to assemble a BIG PICTURE of our sector and our community by combining and assembling our many stories like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

In #PolicyTalk: LIGHT MODE, we’re back to a daytime schedule (after an evening gathering for DARK MODE) and we’re focusing on identifying solutions to some of the big issues we're confronting in our storytelling. 

You know this part already: Nonprofits and charities are facing spikes in demand for services while also navigating lower revenues, reduced volunteering, inflationary pressures on everything we need to do our work, and barriers to attracting, hiring, and retaining workers. So how are we hanging in?

Join us for #PolicyTalk: LIGHT MODE as we crowdsource what we know about the best, most impactful work in our community.
So, how do we hold all the stories of our communities and our organizations long enough to get a BIG PICTURE of the sector and the region and start moving toward viable solutions.

For starters, we do it together. We hope to see you out for #PolicyTalk: LIGHT MODE!

Who should attend:

Policy Talks are for anyone. 
We encourage senior leaders, board members, frontline workers, and concerned members of the community to attend so we can gather across roles, identities and sectors, break out of silos, and pool our collective knowledge, and focus our commitments to change.

Event Poster: 

Whether you're looking for volunteer opportunities,
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