Public Service Bodies’ Rebates for Nonprofits and Charities 2024

Are you aware that there are different Public Service Bodies (PSB) Rebate rules for registered charities vs. other nonprofit organizations?   

Have you ever wondered if you had missed claiming all eligible amounts?

If you would like to learn more about these issues, this webinar by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is for you. You’ll hear directly from a CRA Headquarters employee who has 30+ years experience in GST/HST programs. The presentation will identify and discuss how the PSB Rebate applies, differently, for both charities and nonprofits without charitable status.  It will review entitlement, similarities and differences by entity type, and the rules to help you better manage your organization’s PSB Rebate.  

Thisis the fourth in our 2024 series of free webinars on GST/HST issues for nonprofits and charities. Still to come:
  • GST/HST Audits & Examinations, Plus Books and Record-Keeping, Thursday,October 3, 2024, 10-11am, online; and
  • GST/HST Implications of Cost-Sharing and Other Relationships, Thursday, Nov 7, 2024, 10-11am, online

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  • Recognize PSB Rebate entitlements

  • Understand the differences between charity vs. nonprofit entitlements

  •  Know how to correctly claim the PSB Rebate


  • Definitions

  • Eligibility for charities vs. nonprofit organizations

  • Exclusions


This Presentation is designed for both registered charities and other nonprofit organizations.  It is intended for all individuals who may be involved with the entity’s GST/HST.  You will learn about how the PSB Rebate applies to your type of organization and about any limitations that can impact or even deny entitlement.  You will hear about maximizing your PSB Rebates and how to avoid some of the common mistakes which can result in future non-compliance. 

Please note, this virtual session will not be recorded, but the presentation slide deck will be shared with you in advance of the event.


Michael Monk from the Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST and Digital Compliance Directorate

Michael Monk has been an employee of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for 33 years.  During that time, he has worked extensively with GST/HST. 

Michael’s current role in CRA’s Ottawa Headquarters is with the GST/HST and Digital Compliance Directorate where he has managed CRA’s National GST/HST Presentations and Outreach services for the last 7 years.

Michael was a Team Leader and Senior Technical Interpretations Analyst for 10+ years in GST/HST Rulings, Legislative Policy and Regulatory Affairs Branch.  He spent numerous additional years in other GST/HST roles within the Compliance Programs Branch.  Michael also worked as a CRA Facilitator throughout a ten-year period creating and instructing GST/HST Legislation and Audit courses to CRA staff.

Michael has many years of experience, working with a multitude of GST/HST issues, across several sectors.  He has participated in conferences, preparing and delivering GST/HST presentations to a variety of accounting and industry associations.  

Michael has volunteered with many community and school association groups over the years.  He has served as Director on the Board of a large national charity, and also on CRA’s Employee Assistance Program Committee. 

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