Farzana Chohan

Farzana Chohan, Impact Consulting Associate 

Farzana is a subject matter expert, a leader — through her work in Architecture, Leadership in international non-profit and her Leadership research on Mentoring, Equity and Inclusion. She is an author of 2 deeply thought-provoking books, “Leadership IN Women: THRIVE” & “SUBTLE” 
She understands the value and impact of shared experiences of her own journey and the lived experiences of others. Through her extensive work, panels and executive consulting, she motivates professionals and companies to “Optimize Excellence”, and develop leadership maps for achieving success.

Farzana's passion is to “Optimize Excellence” which cultivates Leadership through Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity in Workplaces. Dr. Farzana helps organizations solve the problems of workplace cultures and mindsets to remove barriers and create an authentic inclusion and belonging. Farzana is a catalyst for Human-Centered Excellence in the global world.

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